East Arm Civil Indigenous Engagement

East Arm Civil has a proud record of supporting Indigenous employment initiatives, and believe that Indigenous cultures, traditions, and beliefs can benefit and strengthen our communities.

We aim to employ, train and integrate a diversity of people into our workforce that have the skills and experience needed to meet the company’s and client’s requirements.

Our objective

Our objective in dealing with other cultures, in the workplace is to:

  • Build a trusting and respectful workplace
  • Respect cultural heritage or religious significant sites
  • Provide a clear and concise approach to negotiations with landholders.
  • Adhere to acceptable protocols and meeting procedures that are endorsed by Indigenous People.
  • Identify employment and career development opportunities with community groups/organisations to expose them to the construction industry.

To achieve these objectives

To achieve these objectives, East Arm Civil operations are required to:

  • Maintain support through an accredited and Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
  • Develop, implement and monitor Indigenous Affairs Management Plans.
  • Conduct its Due Diligence on relevant matters impacting on East Arm Civil.
  • Provide culturally sensitive training to ensure employees recognise the potential impact of their activities.

East Arm Civil, as a minimum, will comply with laws and regulations relating to Indigenous People in the locations in which it operates. However, it also expects its managers to be educated and active in fostering long-term relationships with Indigenous people.

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